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Going on Green

Nearly 20 years later,    CCTV security product line continues to lead the industry with state-of-the-art Forever Bright LED technology matched with our original craftsmanship. While others were reluctant to move ahead with LED lighting, Led lighting again jumped in with both feet and now has more than  5 years experience working with and working out the kinks of LED technology. Our competition is just now getting started. ‘s Forever Bright systems offer warm color, reliability, and versatile LED options for every fixture in our new artificial intelligent design. Always looking to the future, Forever Bright technology now includes “Artificial Intelligent Art Design Systems” such as low voltage motion detection and emergency battery back-up products.

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35 thoughts on “Going on Green

  1. We have been a customer with CCTV Security Systems for years and We choose to do business with them for a few reasons. First the people provide immediate attention to my questions and concerns. They run the company with high character and good values. Second they provide and fully understand the latest technology for home/business protection. Finally doing business with them is always a pleasure.

  2. We put out a request for proposal asking for vendors to offer us solutions after explaining our needs and budget for a new building control system that included cameras, an intercom system, elevator and door access control as well remote application that will control it all in one place that is intuitive and user friendly. Sales Team provided the clearest understanding of our needs and offered us multiple solutions. We went over several manufacturers and their product offerings and how well they interact with the camera and access control. They took the time to make sure the manufactures chosen would properly interact with one another technically as well as practically. We finally settled on COMELIT for the intercom, surveillance system for access control   for the camera’s. The staff at Service sales team had the patience, experience, and technical ability to combine these systems exactly how we envisioned it. The complex nature of this project, and Vertex’s ability to put it all together was amazing. From planning to implementation and even training. professional excellent Supplier and best business partner really provided a tremendous value and deserves even 10 stars.

  3. I recently did a major renovation on our client project 2 x32 systems and cameras , wall led lighting 48 pieces replace.  Of all of the vendors I worked with sales team were the best.  Fair price,  great work, prompt service!  I highly recommend them !! My business right choice!!!

  4. CCTV and LED Lighting Both Excellent Supplier in California, After having several security surveillance companies come out and provide estimates for cameras. Abstract Enterprise was the first to take the time to explain all the options and the values of different surveillance options.

    The company team work provided a honest evaluation of what the property would need to be secure with as well provided me with some cost effective options to enhance my business security surveillance system. I’ve been incredibly happy with my choice thus far!  The customer service goes beyond just obtaining the business and installation, the company owner has followed up to ensure all questions are answered and everything is to my satisfaction. If I have a question I am able to text or email him with a quick response in return. Excellent service and support, nice and professional – I highly recommend them!

  5. Customer service technical team work support professional . We are the type of persons that do our homework before we make a major decision. To follow suit , when I was in the market for home security to protect my family I researched at least 6 companies. I decided to go with silent guardian based on a couple of factors; First they showed up on time and very professional for the estimate (which is very important to me being a busy executive), second they were very knowledgable about not only their products but the products their competitors were offering me third, they didn’t try to over sell me products or services I didn’t need, and last they are a local company that made me feel like I had a personal connection unlike the other big name guys where I was just a number. Well, my judgement servers me right! They showed up as promised, very professional, neat installation and took the time to walk me, my wife and the kids thorough how to use or new equipment. I went with a 8 camera system and video doorbell. They system has been installed for a weeks now and working flawless. My wife has called them 2 or 3 times to ask questions about some features and they were more then happy to help her.
    I highly recommend using their new products for the safety of your home and family.

  6. Just started Placed order and needed with OEM 500 pieces 8 channel NVR WiFI 8 camera Kits and 500 pieces 4 channel NVR Wireless 4 camera Kits Retail boxes, Including cables, Power supply, 10 inches LCD Monitor and other camera accessories. We received on time. and we can delivery to our customer, Best Stars business partner and supplier. I remembered multiple times but the outside seemed very commercial based. Once you wander inside though, it’s EXACTLY what you want and need in one place for every CCTV OEM products , even hard to find commercial CCTV security products that could fit to our customer! They have very helpful professional support staff that greet you the second you enter and were very courteous. We didn’t buy much for now but anyone on staten island that does a lot of CCTV products and want a comprehensive CCTV supplier should definitely this supplier! Excellent vendor and Supplier!

  7. If We can give this company 6 stars I would.  his team were incredible from beginning to end.  The surveillance system equipment and his service are second to none.  In fact, there was an incident in our community and we granted the access to our system and they were taken back and extremely impressed with the quality of the video.  In our facility we had him install 8 surveillance cameras and 1 high end remote PTZ camera for our Audio/Visual system which we would use for speakers, presentations, and performances. There’s no job too big or too small for them.  We were so impressed with his work that we had him install a surveillance system to our second facility.  We also had him hardwire our routers throughout our site and setup our wifi.  We did extensive research in finding a company, we wanted to manage the surveillance ourselves and not pay monthly premiums. The other companies that we looked into which would allow us to manage it ourselves were well overpriced but what was more disappointing was that the equipment wasn’t very impressive.  Security Camera came as a word of mouth referral and we’re sure glad that they were.  Sales team , very knowledgeable, has integrity and is reasonably priced.  we would definitely recommend him to anyone and would use his services again.

  8. We’ve been with sales Lorena for 6 years, CCTV System and Solar LED Lighting, then Broadview which became Brinks and is now .  Our system started malfunctioning and it was of zero help.  It turns out that my system was on old cellular technology and I found that out when I called a few different alarm companies (4).  We decided on Forest for a number of reasons: price, product knowledge, top notch customer service, professionalism and flexibility.  Those pieces come together at Forest and it’s because of the excellent people that work there. Starting with Nancy,  she was patient with my needs, informative and didn’t stop until I was satisfied with the deals we made.  I say deals because I was so pleased, I utilized them in my office space.  The installers team were professional, patient and thorough.  

    We ordered 4 CCTV system and 128 Cameras and 280 pieces 2×2 , 150 pieces 2×4 led panel Light, 35 Led high bay lights .We installed with our professional technician teams, when we installed CCTV systems , camera, Led Light panel 2×2, and 2×4 Led Panel has some compactable problems, sent professional service team with us, we solved all kind of problems for installation in mountains and I’m kind of high maintenance when it comes to anything electronic so, there were a few kinks I had to work out on alarm timing, programming and direct pay.  That’s where Angela came in to help. She was also patient, knowledgeable and made sure I was completely satisfied.  She was a pleasure to work with.  I also wanted to make sure my direct pay was set up correctly and that led me to Judy.  Same experience, one call and it was set up.  I am very pleased with their work, systems and price.  If you’re looking for a new system, definitely call and compare you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  So a big thank you to everyone at Forest, keep up the excellent work!

  9. LED Lighting Services completed various OEM Products LED Lighting Fixture at our office over the past several weeks. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the exemplary work they has done. They are fast, professional, knowledgeable, courteous and patient. They offer LED lighting manufacture price for our OEM products LED Lighting fixture as LED T8-Tubes,Bulb,Panel Light, Down Light, Corn Light, Flood Light, High Bay Light, Wall Pack, Light Shoebox, Street Light ect.. . If you are looking for a reliable and resourceful oem LED Lighting fixture who has the know-how and is always willing to go the extra mile, then you’ve found the right company. No job seems to be too big or too small for him and his prices are also very reasonable. I will definitely work with them again for my future LED Lighting fixture needs. This supplier is our first priority.

  10. What a fantastic experience! Our 295 pieces LED Lighting 2×4 Panel 72W 5000K , We can install to School. These bins were such a preferable way to pack and move.  No building or breaking down boxes, easy to lift, comparably priced to cardboard boxes and made me feel so much better about the environmental impact of the move.  I highly recommend for anyone LED Panel Lighting .

  11. Excellent solve our problems.Outstanding!  We just had a major job done with 17 cameras done on a very large property.  The installation was flawless.  These guys care about esthetics. Anyone can hook a camera, but making very long, exceeding tricky cable runs through a pre-war building is another story.  They took extra care to hide cables by using fixtures that were already in place. To me, that’s what separates a good company from a great company. They are indeed a great company. We will absolutely use them again and would highly recommend them to any anyone in search of a security camera company.  Again…outstanding!!!

  12. We have been a customer with for Electric CCTV Security Systems for 19 years. Our OEM Camera and DVR from . We ordered CCTV Uninterruptible Power Supply is popular in USA Market, quality and good price , Professional service team, we like we solve problems together. our placed order , 95% on time received. We’ve had their new Products for years and their customer service is fantastic — they often come at no charge!   A few years ago, I thought I would save some money and “upgrade” to something with an app by switching to other company .  Their alarm system cut so many corners and was such a mistake that two days later I called .  They came out the next day to get me re-installed in time for us to head out of town for vacation.  And then they came back when we had more time and installed an upgrade that includes an app for my phone and IPad — exactly what I needed.  We’re big fans of .

  13. We’ve had for over a year and have been really happy with the service. New software is compatible with old systems. The setup was painless – they converted an old cctv system to their model. Everyone We ‘ve dealt with has been very professional and the few times we’ve tripped the alarms accidentally the response time was quick. I love that they have an app to turn the alarm on/off. So convenient!

  14. I was able to get extremely quick and quality customer service with whatever I needed done in placed order. I was able to have an electrician to our OEM Purchasing order one 20″ container 11500 Pieces T8 4feet Tube and 1200 pieces panel Light 2×4. The day after contacting also replied to my inquiry the same day. They got the work done in a timely manner and they were also very fair with the pricing. I highly recommend for any type of LED Lighting fixture needed residential or commercial. Thank you for good price and good business partnership.

  15. We recently purchased a Townhouse that had an system installed when we bought it. Our neighbors all had the same system installed and mentioned being a solid service.  We called to set it up, the pricing was completely fair, and even though our system is 9 years old, they told me it was a great system and there are certainly newer ones out there that they could upgrade us to, but that they thought ours was good and no need to do it.  we appreciated the honesty having just spent a lot of money on moving/new home. Scheduling was easy and the technician took the time to walk through the system and set me up with a mobile app to arm/disarm the system from my phone which was nice.  Hopefully I never have to find out just how good it is with any break-ins or issues.

  16. I had LED lighting and 2×2 panel 2400 Pieces OEM form $55 for our PO . They did a wonderful job and on time deliver service because our customer waiting this 2400 pieces for their project which they need to install and replace 2×2 panel light in school. Thank you for all your great work.

  17. LED Lighting We ordered LED high bay lighting for at a local street festival and loved all of their Led Tube . One of my best friends is getting married and it’s the perfect LED Lighting for her and her fiancé. The prices are extremely reasonable for such unique LED Lighting Panels and the owners are super friendly and helpful. We would suggest High bay color to anyone looking for a unique led lighting for a good price!

  18. We had a great experience work with CCTV System , they confirmed appointment, Mark and Jenny were on time and quickly setup our new Systems.  Being new to the area I was surprised to find out that there are Professional to operate this type of business.  Knowing that technical service, local and competitively priced is why we went with them. I was so pleased with the job they did & the price was fair. I would definitely use their products and service again!

  19. Thank you for your prompt service and clean work. Our 350 pieces LED Flood Light ordered recessed lights and 125 pieces tennis court 250W High Bay Light were installed in a timely manner. Thanks for making our office look more professional.

  20. Great company, our ordered arrived on time (actually a few minutes early!), 4-man crew were friendly, professional, and careful with our items.good price and professional service. We like to place order again.

  21. We chose Security to upgrade our office CCTV system from an old analog system to an IP system. The setup came out great, the communication with professional team sales person was good, he was informative, available and helpful, the installation was smooth even though they ran new wires to the cameras, they did clean and neat work (I was worried about that) the training was clear and the price is fair. Overall, I’m very happy with the end results. Now I can use my IPhone to check the cameras and to view the recording. The quality is amazing! Now we can actually recognize the faces instead of seeing grainy images.  I have tried big names, in the past and went with valuable systems for a really cheap price but that end up to be a disaster that cost me more and eventually we had to do the whole system again.Forget about the fact that I had wires hanging all over the place…. Service Team gave us great deal , the best result so far and they are neat and clean. I would high recommend to anyone that need the type of product.

  22. A great service – surprisingly inexpensive and sooooooooo much better than buying or hustling for cardboard boxes for our big ordered.  They were very easy about scheduling drop off and pick up of the crates:  I work a standard 9-5 schedule and I didn’t want to have to take 2 days off work to arrange for these.  All in all, I recommend these folks and their product highly.  I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again for our next big order.

  23. LED Lighting, security, electrical services came out and installed a EV charger and they were really professional, fast, and friendly. I will definitely refer them and use them for any future electrical work. Danny was on time and gave a really fare price for 120 Pieces LED Wall Pack Light and 275 Pieces LED Down Light so that we can received projects from Hospital. Thank you friendly services.

  24. CCTV NVR Wifi Wirless 8 Channel Kits was amazing without wire, 8 WIFI IP cameras, NVR, Power Supply.We are not one to leave reviews, but since I found them by one, I thought I should leave one. I moved from Austin to Houston recently, and bought my first house. Before the move, I was looking at security companies to go for since I would be living alone, and I saw good reviews for camera and noticed they were in Houston too. I gave them a call, and they were able to come out the same day that I moved in. Tony was extremely professional, and told me he was giving me the best deal for the stuff I was getting in the market, and naturally I was skeptical. I thanked him for his help, and got a few more quotes, and not only were they the best deal, but service team work was the most professional I dealt with out of the three other companies. The service Dept even called me after installation to thank me for business! I will be recommending them to my new work friends for sure.

  25. Our OEM Ordered delivery from today. I received on time with CCTV Camera and DVR, and LED Panel Lighting. I have to say delivery came quick! I only waited about 5 weeks for my placed order. Nice quality amount of new packing Box.
    I loved the products , it is definitely worth the order professional service team, I have to say the DVR camera, Led lighting were our favorite order. . I would like to place order and service . I’ve tried it out. I did spend quite a bit but that’s usual with good quality products. Excellent A++++++……..!!!!!!.

  26. We really can’t thank enough for their time and patience. I’m from Chicago and now we own a home in Houston. I blew and fuse and knew that’s what I did, but I could not for the life of me find the fuse box! I walked me through step by step to finding it…outside! Who knew a fuse box would be on the outside of your home. I called tech support , Really I am so impressed I will definitely be calling them again for any of my electric and CCTV System and LED Lighting order needs in the future. Excellent help !

  27. The Sales Sandy were so nice to kept our cameras , DVR, Lighting and Accessories safe and wrapped up. They came very ready to take care of all of our Cameras. However, Delivery Driver Roberto were 15 minutes late because of traffic raining day. Also, our estimate given over email invoice was $12915. However, at the end of the day we were going to make it an even .
    First let me say anyone can put in a security system.  I chose because everything I heard about it from others was that he was a team of integrity.   When i met them I found out Carlos was in fact the real deal.They are have a little on the quiet side. I had to ask then questions but they had the answers i needed.I think that’s what i liked about them. they are soft spoken and easy going. They are not like some of the other guys i interviewed. Pushy and telling me how this deal was not gonna last.
    Tech Support Mark simply explained everything, treated me fairly and worked with integrity.I get the feeling service treats all their customers that way.So if you want anyone to put in your system that’s fine. go for it. if you want honesty, integrity and to be treated with fairness is professional support!!!!!!.

  28. Called around to different security companies, by far was the nicest company to work with and most flexible with our needs. Antony and Jason analysis research our security system for our business and things have been without issue. Two thumbs up. Definitely recommend.

  29. We’d give more than 5 stars for customer service if it allowed me to!!!! Frank was amazing and well versed. Went in for information on my first trip and Frank was very helpful. Went back a second time and Sidney helped me with my purchases and said I could call with any questions. I set up my purchases and was having problems with items not communicating properly with each other. I called and spoke with Frank, he again was helpful as we tried to trouble shoot issue over the phone. No luck. He then offered to come to my place, as I was on his way to his evening plans, and try to resolve issue! He arrived and we realized item was defective and he had brought two kits to get up and running. Next kit worked, but not as I had intended for it. He then reviewed my situation and proximity for equipment and suggested that my purchase was not the best plan for what I was trying to do. He then took the time to look up alternative options and discuss pros/ cons and how it would work. We finally settled on a solution and now product is being ordered!! Great job!!!

  30. Stopped this holiday on the way to do some shopping, We’ve been business with for 20 years, and I kind of expected to not like it much due to the CCTV and Lighting selection. However, I actually liked it! I liked the new generation design with Artificial Intelligent , camera and DVR was pretty awesome, learning some new technology and software,Not a whole lot of options, and the entrees are pretty pricey. But I ended up getting some WiFi camera and sharing! I tried a little bit of the PTZ cameras and it was pretty good. The DVR KITS With WiFi, It is my favorite. and a big portion! Also accessories are awesome………..the fact that they have popular products in market definitely made me happy!!!!!!
    I called Mark on last Thursday step by step phone tech support and fixed my issues for mainboard to replace capacitor on left corner . I placed order 300 pieces 2.0 cameras 50 pieces PTZ camera, 50 pieces DVR, Sandy helped me figure out what camera I could get. excellent service and update products cause me to resell their item! A+++

  31. The guys are fast, friendly and very helpful. I was a little unsure of which computer I needed considering is a classic but they were fast and reassuring. The warrantees are great and I came here after being recommended by friend. Definitely would buy computer parts here again and appreciate the great service!

  32. Great service and very reasonable prices – and you can’t ask for better service – very nice folks!

  33. Jeff came out to connect our components to the whole-house system installed in my new place and did a great job. Reasonably priced and made recommendations on good equipment to get me all setup.

  34. Recently Robert to do Window server 2012 R setup the pre-wiring and installation of my entire theatre system and I am very impressed with the outcome. Robert knows his stuff – he showed tremendous knowledge and skill throughout the duration of the project. He also offered useful suggestions on the non-AVS aspects electrical of the project which proved very useful at the end. His pricing was competitive and he communicated well throughout the project. I would recommend him in a heartbeat cloud office work. Good data storage cloud service!

  35. We used Sales Team for our SoHo real estate offices, to install 64 security cameras overseeing a team of 92 people. Not only was the price very competitive, but also the job quality was superb. Installers were very nice and professional, and were very knowledgeable on any questions I had. They did not rush me through the process, and stayed after the job was done to show me how to view footage from both my cell phone and PC, WIFI, IP Network System .
    The job itself was done quicker than I expected- they were done running wires and connecting everything within hours, and even vacuumed after themselves. Noise and dirt were kept to a minimum. I was very pleased and surprised to get a follow up call the next day from my account manager, calling personally to make sure I was satisfied and asking if I had any other questions. This type of service is very hard to find in today’s market, when everyone just want to get paid and then don’t bother checking on the client. I warmly recommend best stars on product, value, and most importantly- professionalism!!!

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